Yasmin the Yodelling

Yasmin the Yodelling Yak
loved to launch a yodel attack
on old friends and new
right out of the blue.
She really did have the knack
of singing:

Yodelee yay hee hoo
Yodelee yay hoo hee
Yodelee yo
Yodelee yoo
Yodelee yodelee yodelee hoo

Yasmin became such a terror
that her friends all made the error
of thinking that they
could just run away. 
But over peak, lake, and sierra
came her song:

Yodelee yay hoo hee
Yodelee yay hee hoo
Yodelee yoo
Yodelee yo
Yodelee yodelee yodelee ho

Yasmin was not very bright,
so she never could figure out quite
why her audience ran
before she began
to perform for their certain delight
this song:

Yodelee yay hoo hay
Yodelee yay hay hoo
Yodelee yoo
Yodelee yay
Yodelee yodelee yodelee hay

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