Vera the Virulent

Can you decipher the papyrus? Here's a clue:

Vera the Voracious Virus
slept in an old scroll of papyrus.
Buried within a Pharaoh’s tomb,
she could survive eons in the gloom.
And she did.

Until, one day, explorers came
and opened the scroll to read the names
of Kings and Queens who’d gone before,
and other strange Egyptian lore.

Vera needed no excuses –
a virus always reproduces.
First, she hopped into a flea, 
who bit a young professor’s knee.

With him, she went on a grand tour
from Aswan down to great Luxor.
The tepid waters of the Nile
meant she could really spread in style.
So she did.

Next stop was Oxford, where she found
a perfect viral breeding ground.
Soon she’d invaded every student,
as well as anyone imprudent
enough to meddle in ancient texts.

Now, you may be wondering, “Am I next?”
But have no fear, this book is new –
Vera won’t be infecting you!

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