Tina the Ticklish Tiger

Tina the Ticklish Tiger
was a terror to behold,
stalking through the jungle
in her stripes of black and gold.

Tina’s favorite meal was monkey
(though for dinner she ate deer)
and for miles through the forest,
all the animals could hear

When the monkeys heard her roaring,
they got shaky at the knees,
and all of them went scampering
to the tippy tops of trees.

But, one day poor old Martin
got left down on the ground.
He heard a growl behind him,
and slowly turned around…

Two giant eyes stared down at him,
hungry and unblinking.
As Tina raised her paw to swipe,
Martin acted without thinking!

He tickled under her armpit,
and tickled behind her ear,
and for miles through the jungle,
all the animals could hear

No more monkey meals for Tina
now her secret’s out.
So, instead of hunting monkeys,
Tina’s learned to tickle trout.

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