Rambo the Rambunctious Ram

Rambo the Rambunctious Ram
gets hyperactive when he eats jam,
and if he drinks coffee at all,
he starts bouncing off the walls.

The only thing that can keep
Rambo quiet or help him sleep,
is watching daytime television
with his old pal, Pete the Pigeon.

Then, one day the power went off.
Of course, this was especially tough
on Rambo, who had no TV,
and nothing to drink but cold coffee.

“Hey Pete,” said Rambo, “Do you remember
that program we watched last September?”
“You mean the one about the bikes
That people pedal to turn on lights?”

“Yes!” cried Rambo, “That’s what we need!”
Pete thought about it and agreed.
“I have a bike in mint-condition,
and Pete, aren’t you an electrician?”

Now Rambo pedals by the hour,
and his TV runs on Ram-Jam power.

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