Quentin the Querulous Quokka

Quentin the Querulous Quokka did not have a happy face.
In fact, the other quokkas thought Quentin a disgrace.

“Look here old bean,” said the Quokka Queen, “Can’t you see how it is?
“Quokkas are meant to be chipper, so plaster a grin on your viz.”

Quentin attempted to smile, but it was not a success.
It’s fair to say no smile before had expressed such unhappiness. 

“It’s not my fault,” wailed Quentin, “I was born this way.
Ever since I can remember, my life has been one of dismay.

“When all the other quokka tots were out doing somersaults,
I had to help with the dishes. I repeat, it is not my fault.

“Then, as I grew older, and other quokkas were going on dates,
where was I? You guessed it: behind a pile of plates.

“Now that I’m grown up, you’d think I’d get my wishes.
But no such luck – all I get is a load of dirty dishes.”

“Oh, Quentin, please stop grizzling. You do complain a lot.
And one more thing before you go – you forgot to wash that pot.”

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