Harriet the Hapless Halibut

Harriet the Hapless Halibut
had a sneaky suspicion
that she’d become somewhat stuck in a rut –
a most uncomfortable position
for a fish as flat as a pancake.

In fact, it might likely prove
that Harriet will not have what it takes
to get herself back on the move…

“Help, help,” said Harriet from the seabed,
but there was no-one to hear,
except for a nudibranch called Ned –
and nudibranchs don’t have ears.

“Help, help,” said Harriet without much hope,
staring up with both eyes.
And then, whaddaya know, down came a rope,
festooned with salmon fry.

“Hurrah!” cried Harriet, swallowing three,
and soon she was rising up straight.
“That’s far enough now,” she said, “for me.”
But alas, she had taken the bait.

As she realised a moment too late.

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