Claude the Conversational Cockroach

Claude the Conversational Cockroach
takes the unconventional approach
of making friends with passing strangers
although he knows quite well the dangers
of hefty boot or rolled newspaper
thanks to his aunt. He had to scrape her
off the kitchen table when she tried
to share her views on pesticide.

(Although Claude was not overwhelmed, it’s
why he now wears a cycling helmet.)

“Lovely weather we’re having today!”
or, “Looks like rain soon, wouldn’t you say?”
is how Claude usually breaks the ice –
mostly with people he thinks look nice.

And sure, there are those who look askance,
but Claude believes you should take a chance.
Friendly smiles and a cheery wave
he is convinced, are going to save
mankind and roachkind from nuclear war –
something a roach might safely ignore.

To foster human-insect rapport,
Claude was made an ambassador.
Now he flies from Beijing to DC,
and sits on major peace committees.

He dines with top dogs and big cheeses –
some say he’s the Cockroach Jesus.
There’s a statue of him in Berlin,
and his portrait hangs in Ho Chi Min.

So, children, even if you’re small,
remember Claude, and dare do all!

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